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About The Peter Jones Collection

The Peter Jones Collection is a new venture and direction for me, primarily to try and answer the vast number of enquiries I have received over the years – since appearing on BBC2's "Dragons' Den" programme – from people wanting to know where they can buy my stripy socks, my distinctive cufflinks and my ties among other things.

I have literally received hundreds of these enquiries, mostly about the socks, and as a result of this interest, I launched an initial range of the socks last year, and sales have gone through the roof!

Now, what started perhaps as a bit of fun, has developed into the Peter Jones Collection – which includes all the different items I have been asked about over the years and which, in time, will potentially expand to a bigger product range. I've tried to take my own style into the Den and make this available through a carefully chosen range of products that I have hand-picked personally– with high quality and hand finished 'signature' details being my main requirements.

As anyone who watches me in the Den will know, I take first impressions and the effort people make to look smart and presentable very seriously indeed. I have on occasions even turned down investment opportunities when the person in front of me has decided to dress for a night out with mates rather than to back up a serious request for tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment.

I know many VCs, lenders, bankers and other financiers who would share the view that first impressions are paramount in the overall decision-making process. The same rule applies for people in any business situation, whether it is going to a job interview or just making an impression in the normal course of business life.

I genuinely believe that there is a link between how you look in business and how you feel, and how that translates into feeling confident and having a positive mindset, which are both key to achieving your goals.

I hope you enjoy the range, and I look forward to your feedback!

Peter Jones Signature

Peter Jones Collection
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